Fundraiser Types

Students, families, and their supporters can complete all the necessary actions needed to have a successful fundraiser right on our website. 

We are here to support you every step along the way. So if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Traditional fundraisers are based on in-person contact.

  • Schools conduct an assembly / kick-off event
  • Students are given packets with brochures and order forms to distribute
  • Orders and money are turned in at school for processing (Online ordering is available for out-of-town family/friends. )
  • White Glove Service* option available
  • Product delivered to school
  • Student/Parents pick-up at school or use contactless valet service
  • Prizes for traditional fundraisers include items from the brochure, cookie dough, cash, gift cards, etc.

*White Glove Service is where Best Results collects all the completed order forms and money from the school/organization and processes the orders, counts and wraps the money, record checks and returns it all to the school for depositing along with a copy of each student’s completed order form. A full spreadsheet reconciliation of each student’s order to the school/PTO balanced to with checks and money received is provided.

Online fundraisers are handled 100% online.

NOTE: Frozen food products are not available for online fundraisers

  • Virtual pre-recorded kick-off link sent to school to be shared electronically with all students
  • Students register online and receive a personal website link to share with family and friends anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Supporters order / donate and make their payment online
  • Product is delivered directly to the supporter
  • Online sale can continue throughout the entire school year
  • Prizes for online fundraisers include items from the brochure, cash, gift cards, drawings, etc.


Combination of both traditional and online programs

  • Choose between a traditional in-person kick-off or a virtual kick-off
  • Students are given packets with brochures with order forms AND an online ordering process
  • Product are delivered to school via contactless valet service for families to pick-up at a predetermined time set by the school/organization
  • Choose between traditional prize program or online prize program
  • Online orders of non-frozen items can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.

Note: Frozen food products are ship-to-school only items.

Donation based fundraisers are online only

  • Completely online program
  • No product offering for supporters who simply want to donate!